Bay Area Matchbox Collectors' Association

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Some Information About Us

BAMCA is an informal group of toy vehicle enthusiasts who hold meets to buy, sell, and swap miniatures made by Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Dinky, Corgi, Ertl, Lledo, Majorette, Tomica, and others, as well as related items such as catalogs and boxes. Collectors can buy, trade, or find new sources for models. Members share information on new and old cars, favorites and "worst" models, rare and common items. Above all, BAMCA is a casual group of collectors who have fun with toy cars.

Founded in 1971, BAMCA is a local club which welcomes all ages and all people who like miniature vehicles, regardless of experience or collection size. The group has something to offer virtually every miniature car hobbyist, and every individual is a valuable addition to BAMCA and can make his or her own unique contributions.

Annual dues for the club are $10. This annual membership fee covers postage costs to keep you informed of meetings and other events. Other benefits of membership include access to information in BAMCA's library and free admission to meets at members' homes. Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area, BAMCA membership is targeted mainly to enthusiasts who live in California or can attend meetings in the Bay Area; however, BAMCA also welcomes correspondence from collectors outside of California.

For further information and details on our next meet, please send email to:

How to Join

For BAMCA membership, send a payment via for $10.00 to:
Please include the following information: Note that we do not share our mailing list or member information with anyone. Ever.
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