The Matchbox Convoy Project - Basic Information


Mother of Almost All Trailers
A simple flatbed (See Double Container) that serves as the base of a large percentage of the trailers made.
Double Container
Introduced 1979
Covered Trailer
Introduced 1979
Box Trailer
Introduced 1979
Pipe Transporter
Introduced 1979
Introduced 1981
Low Loader (Lowboy)
Introduced 1981
Produced with various vehicles, including Shovel Nose Tractor
Lowboy with Boat
(Early Boat Transporter)
Lowboy with Space Shuttle
The "First" Rocket Transporter
Car Transporter
Introduced 1982
Rocket Transporter
Introduced 1982
Horse Box
Introduced 1982
Airplane Transporter
Introduced 1984
Fire Ladder
Introduced 1984
Boat Transporter
Introduced 1985
Introduced 1985
Introduced 1987
Barn door style rear doors
Introduced 1988
Super Star Transporter
Ramp style door in the rear
Introduced 1989
Modified Airplane Transporter
Introduced 1992
Emergency Center
Introduced 1992
Modified Helicopter Transporter
Introduced 1992
Real Talkin' Box
Introduced 1999
Asada's Rig
Introduced 2005
Tanker V2
Introduced 2006
Flatbed V2
Introduced 2007
Collecitble Convoy Trailers
Ultra Model Box
Iintroduced 1997
Ultra Model Tank
Iintroduced 1998
DYM Heritage Box

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