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Casting SF17b: Daimler Londoner - Variation 60a

Photo credit: David Tilley

red, MATCHBOX 1953-1978

Title Value
Description Texts
Base gloss black metal, metal, with axle braces
Body red, MATCHBOX 1953-1978 labels
Interior white
Wheels dot dash 9.5x4mm
Windows none
Base Text England
Individual Attributes
Axle Braces with
Base gloss black metal
Base Type metal
Body red
Front Wheels dot dash 9.5x4mm
Holes no
Interior white
Labels MATCHBOX 1953-1978
Rear Wheels dot dash 9.5x4mm
Tab no
Windows none
Information on Base
Additional Text  
Base Name  
Base Number  
Tool ID  
Company Name  
Production ID  
Manufacture England
Date 1978
Note #17
Category Matchbox 1-75 (1-100) basic range

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