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Casting MB088: (Ford Capri) Maxi Taxi - Variation 04

Photo credit: David Tilley

yellow, MAXI TAXI (I upper right), black and white checkers

Title Value
Description Texts
Base gloss black, black wheelstrip
Body yellow, MAXI TAXI (I upper right) roof tampo, black and white checkers side tampo
Interior dark tan
Wheels 5 spoke square 10x5.5mm
Windows colorless
Base Text Macau
Individual Attributes
Base gloss black
Body yellow
Interior dark tan
Roof Tampo MAXI TAXI (I upper right)
Side Tampo black and white checkers
Wheels 5 spoke square 10x5.5mm
Wheelstrip black
Windows colorless
Information on Base
Additional Text  
Base Name  
Base Number  
Tool ID  
Company Name  
Production ID  
Manufacture Macau
Area United States
Date 1983
Note #72
Category Matchbox 1-75 (1-100) basic range

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