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Casting SF27b: Lamborghini Countach

Photo credit: David Tilley
Lamborghini Countach

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Lamborghini Countach

Variations for This Product

13aa, 13ab, 14aa, 14ab, 15aa, 16aa, 18aa, 18ab, 20aa, 20ab, 21aa, 21ab, 22aa, 22ab, 23aa, 23ab, 24aa, 24ab, 25aa, 25ab, 26aa, 26ab, 27aa, 27ab, 28aa, 28ab, 29aa, 29ab, 30aa, 30ab, 31aa, 31ab, 32aa, 32ab, 33aa, 33ab, 34aa, 34ab, 35aa, 35ab, 38aa, 38ab, 42aa, 42ab, 43aa, 44aa, 44ab
red, lime and black 8 tampo
17aa, 17ab, 19aa
red, green and black 8 tampo

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Variations by Manufacturing Location

32 266

Annual Lineups

United States Rest of World Japan
1973 27 27  
1974 27 27  
1975 27 27  
1976 27 27  
1977 27 27  
1978 27 27 14
1979 27 27 27
1980 27 27 27

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Sample Base

Reg Mark: with and without


Photo credit: Christian Falkensteiner
Rear Recess: without and with

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