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Batch A International #1

10-Pack - 2015

Rest of World


Two-Story Bus
green, white, CITY TOURS
Delivery Service Truck
pearly white, MATCHBOX MAIL
Seed Shaker
yellow-orange, green, black, black and white, SEED SHAKER
MBX V.A.N. Food Truck
yellow, FUN-FUN! SUSHI
Gas Tanker
orange, dark gray, H20
Coyote 500
red, J&R, white and blue design
2005 Lotus Exige
dark metallic blue, black, detailed trim
metallic green, black, black and yellow stripes
2008 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1
yellow, detailed trim
4x4 Scrambulance
red, black, white and yellow stripes, SCRAMBULANCE 4X4

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