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Fast Food Toys
1999 onward
Subway - 1999
Muir Hill Shovel Nose Tractor

'99 Ford Mustang

light red, SUBWAY
Taco Bell Series 1 - 1999
'62 Chevrolet Corvette

Classic Decades
black, dual white stripes, red side design

Big Movers
black, white and red swirl
VW Concept

Cool Concepts
red, sunburst swirl and black fenders
Pontiac Firebird Formula

Stars & Stripes
black, red and white flames and TACO BELL
Taco Bell Series 2 - 2000
'97 Chevy Tahoe

white, green, blue, black design
'97 Chevy Corvette

green, blue and white design
'80 Chevy K-1500 Pick-up

blue, white wavy design
'57 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop

white, green, blue, black design
McDonald's - 2002

Dodge Dakota
blue, TEXAS
blue, generic

Crown Victoria Police Car
white, OHIO
white, generic

International Fire Pumper
red, amber roof light, ILLINOIS
red, amber roof light, generic
North Carolina

Snorkel Fire Truck
baby blue, dark blue boom, NORTH CAROLINA
baby blue, dark blue boom, generic
New York

King Tow
yellow, dark blue boom, NEW YORK
yellow, dark blue boom, generic

white, generic
Burger King - Europe - 2002/2003

metallic orange, gray rear load

metallic silver green

metallic olive
Water Pumper

Rescue Helicopter

blue, light gray blades, neon orange tail
Troop Carrier

lime, gray bed
Burger King - 2004
Fire Engine

pink-red, white rear section
neon yellow, white rear section
metallic red, white rear section
chrome plated, white rear section
Police Car

metallic black
bright metallic blue
chrome plated
Rescue Helicopter

light red, gray blades
white, light blue blades
yellow, orange blades
chrome plated, gray blades
Dump Truck

bright blue, orange dump
lemon, black dump
dark orange, black dump
chrome plated, black dump
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