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Matchbox 1978 Lineup
J 1
Lamborghini Miura
light gold
J 2
Lotus Europa
black, gold JPS tampo
J 3
Iso Grifo
powder blue
J 4
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
J 5
Ford GT
white, wide wheel wells, wildcat head (from SF01b)
white, wide wheel wells, spotted cat head (from SF01b)
white, wide wheel wells, 6 (yellow / red / green, from SF62c)
white, wide wheel wells, 6 (blue)
J 6
Volkswagen 1500 Saloon
off white, 137 labels
J 7
Alfa Carabo
red, lime and yellow design tampo
J 8
Dodge Charger MK III
dark metallic red
J 9
Mercedes 230 SL
dark yellow
J 10
VW Golf
yellow, ADAC labels
J 11
white and dark green, amber roof light, 123 / POLIZEI
J 12
Maserati Bora
metallic burgundy, 3, orange stripe (from SF03b)
J 13
De Tomaso Pantera
white, 8, 8 (sided)
white, 8
white, 9 (from SF62c)
white, sun (from SF47b)
cream, 8, 8 (sided)
J 14
Lamborghini Countach
red, lime and black 8 tampo
J 15
Datsun 126 X
lemon, black and red flames
J 16
Siva (S 350) Spyder
dark blue, black body strap, 8, red and white stars and stripes tampo
J 17
Citroen S.M.
metallic blue, red 8 (fish tail)
J 18
J 19
Mazda RX 500
red, chrome engine, lime and white 77 tampo
J 21
Toyota Celica
J 22
Mitsubishi Galant
J 23
Nissan Fairlady Z
pearly silver
J 24
Mazda Savanna RX-7
green, narrow black side stripe, RX-7
yellow, narrow black side stripe, RX-7
- never released
- actual picture not available