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Matchbox Error Models
See: Oreo truck with upside-down sticker
K031b: Peterbilt Refrigerator Truck
See: King-size Pepsi truck with upside-down sticker
MB025: Audi Quattro
See: Audi Quattro on a Peugeot Quasar blister
MB055: Ford Cortina Mk IV
See: Cortina with window problems
MB055: Ford Cortina Mk IV
See: Cortina with assembly problems
MB097: Chevrolet Corvette T-Roof
See: Superfast mangled in blister
MB111: Merryweather Snorkel Fire Engine
See: Fire truck on a garbage truck blister
MB122: IMSA Ford Mustang
See: Mustang on Shovel Nose Tractor blister
MB134: Oshkosh Extending-Ladder Fire Engine
See: Fire engiune upside-down on blister
MB145: Transporter Vehicle with Rocket
See: Around the World Canaveral on Eiffel Tower blister
MB148: Volvo Container Truck
See: Volvo container truck on a Ford Bronco II blister
MB219: Nissan 300 ZX
See: Nissan 300Z broken in blister
MB239: Jaguar XJ 220
See: Jaguar "XJ 200" (not 220)
MB257: Ford Mustang Mach III
See: Mustang Mach III broken in blister
MB277: Ford Mustang Cobra
See: Mustang on a Camaro blister
MB281: Ford Transit
See: "1955" Ford Transit Van
MB298: 1968 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet
See: Mustang Cobra Jet with a Camaro card
MB300: 1956 Ford Pick-Up
See: 1956 Ford Pick-up with frame damage
MB321: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop
See: Superfast Bel-air on VW blister
MB327: 1933 Ford Coupe Hot Rod
See: Star Car with the box upside-down
MB335: Porsche 911 GT 1
See: 911 GT1 with misprinted card
MB363: 1962 Volkswagen Beetle
See: VW in Silverado blister
MB390: 1967 Volkswagen Transporter
See: VW Bus on a Sherman Tank blister
MB463: Ford Focus
See: Superfast Focus with broken front wheels in blister
MB476: Mercedes-Benz E 430 Wagon Police
See: Stars of Cars Polizei on Trash Titan blister
MB587: Shelby/AC Cobra 427SC (BJ II)
See: Cobra on Mustang GT blister
MB609: Ford Mustang GT Concept
See: Mustang in Duracell truck blister
MB630: 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6
See: Another Superfast Corvette with mismatched wheels
MB630: 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6
See: Superfast Corvette with mismatched wheels
MB665: 2004 Toyota Scion xB
See: Scion on Ford Bronco blister
MB683: Mercedes-Benz CLS 500
See: Mangled car in blister
MB705: Honda Ridgeline
See: Ridgeline that needs some wheels
MB781: Rock Shocker
See: Rock Shocker, some assembly required
RW006: International DuraStar Flatbed
See: Durastar parked in a bad neighborhood
SF21b: Rod Roller
See: Rod Roller on an upside-down blister
SF26c: Site Dumper
See: Dump Truck on an Articulated Truck blister