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Welcome to our club's website. We have attempted to make a site that would be enjoyable and informational for anyone interested in Matchbox toys. Feel free to view our FAQ and how to contact us or join our club.
[Matchbox Logo] Use of the Matchbox logo on these pages is with permission. They take this seriously, and we do too. Please note the disclaimer below.
[VI Powered] Since I like doing this stuff myself, the only authoring tool I use is VI. Cool, eh?
[Ultimate Paint] On the other hand, a decent image creator and manipulator helps a lot, too. Ultimate Paint v1.91f is freeware, and was used to make or process many of the images you see on these pages.
[IrfanView] The other picture manipulation tool I use is IrfanView. It can change formats, resize and crop easily.
[Python] I have written several scripts using the Python language to deploy dynamic content and help with maintaining this site.
[PHP] I have added some dynamic content to some of the pages, rendered using PHP.
[Amethyst Systems] Web site connectivity provided by Amethyst Systems.
[MYSQL] This site is now driven by a MySQL database.
[Micro Flags] I developed the very small flags to help designate the originating countries of many links on this site.

This website was created and is maintained by Dean Dierschow. I have made a reasonable effort to verify information I have presented here, but I can't really take care of everything. Feel free to send me a note if you see something here that needs fixing. Please don't get frustrated if it takes me a long time to take care of it, though, as this isn't my Real Job.

Please do not hotlink to images on this site. We reserve the right to change the name, location, or contents of any image at any time for any reason.

BAMCA is a private club and is not affiliated with Tyco Toys, Inc. or Matchbox Toys (USA) Ltd. Matchbox® and the Matchbox logo are registered trademarks of Matchbox International Ltd. and are used with permission.

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