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Casting MB001: Dodge Challenger Hot Rod - Variation f03a

Photo credit: Christian Falkensteiner

white, D / 174 PRO

Title Value
Description Texts
Base white metallic
Body white, white roof, with license plate, white metallic bumpers and grille, D / 174 PRO tampo
Interior blue
Wheels dot dash on front, dot dash on rear
Windows blue
Base Text China
Individual Attributes
Base white metallic
Body white
Bumpers/Grille white metallic
Front Wheels dot dash
Interior blue
License Plate with
Rear Wheels dot dash
Roof white
Tampo D / 174 PRO
Windows blue
Information on Base
Additional Text  
Base Name  
Base Number  
Tool ID  
Company Name  
Production ID  
Manufacture China
Area China
Date 1992

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