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Batch B International #1

Rest of World


2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6
red, PACE CAR 2
Sahara Survivor
black, orange roll cage, MATCHBOX MBX
Mitsubishi Evo X Police
blue, POLICE, white and yellow stripes
metallic blue, red headlights
Hummer Police
red, gold hatch, SEARCH & RESCUE
Urban Tow Truck
baby blue, orange, URBAN TOW, stripes
Dune Dog
yellow, black, BEACH PATROL, stripes
2010 Road Roller
black, green, dashes
Chevrolet Highway Maintenance Truck
blue, gray dump, orange plow, orange and white stripes
Ford F-550 Mini Pumper Fire Truck
mint green, black, FOREST RANGER, stripes, flames

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